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We have helped lots of families get protected and prepared for the most powerful and unpredictable natural disasters for Tennessee and other nearby states in the area.

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Tornado Safe Room – All Weather Safe Rooms®

All-Weather-Safe-Room-Sparta_TNThe All Weather Safe Room® is an all-welded, reinforced, thick steel unit engineered to exceed FEMA’s national performance criteria. The unit comes with one of the strongest doors available in the industry. These can be delivered to Murfreesboro, Cookeville, Crossville, and all the way to remotest parts of Tennessee.  The All Weather Safe Room® can be installed where you need it most:

  • A new home or office in the pre-construction stage as a closet or small room
  • The garage or patio of an existing home
  • A concrete slab outside of an existing home or business
  • Day care centers
  • Churches Read More

LS8 Against TornadoIn-Ground Storm Shelters

Lifesaver Storm Shelters offer safe, comfortable shelters with seating capacities ranging from 4 to 20 adults.


Standard features include:

  • Screened vents and door seals to keep out unwanted pests
  • Non-skid steps
  • *Powder coated handrail
  • Carpeting
  • Molded bench seating and a glossy white gel-coat finish
  • Easy to open multi-point door locking system with gas struts providing an Read More

Financing Available

Large-Community-Safe-Rooms-in-TN-for_saleLooking for a Safe Room for a Large Installation?

B&H Storm Shelters has access to some of the best tested and approved large safe rooms in the industry. Commercial buildings are often metal structures and unable to withstand strong storms, much less a tornado. Protect your employees in any type of workplace.

Our large safe room is perfect for community centers, day care facilities, factories, churches, office buildings, military bases, camping facilities, and schools. Indoor or outdoor installation options keep you safe regardless of the location. Add a community safe room to your existing building or integrate one as part of new construction.  Find many options for sale at smart prices.

Standard size: 100’ x 12’

For a custom quote, call (931) 510-5846 or email usRead More

Gun-Vault-for-Cookeville-TNAll Weather Gun Vaults – Customized for You!

More than a gun safe, it’s your personal All Weather Gun Vault. Secure storage for your guns is imperative. With the All Weather Gun Vault, you can even protect your firearms from house fires. Don’t settle for a gun safe with little or no fire protectant. Choose the All Weather Gun Vault – the proven best gun vault on the market.

Standard features include:

  • Custom-built vaults sizes up to 5 feet wide for customized installations
  • 2-inch thick fire-proof walls line the vault interior
  • The All Weather Gun Vault compartment option is available for inside the All Weather Safe Room®. Some of our standard models have 4′ x 8′ overall size:
    • 2′ x 4′ serves as the gun compartment
    • 4′ x 6′ serves a safe room
  • The gun safe area has a triple deadbolt locking interior door (or available with optional keypad lock).

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Professionally Installed

Our crew professionally installs each safe room. Learn more about Installation. Call us at (931) 510-5846 for a custom quote today all across TN.


The All Weather Safe Room® has undergone testing at the Texas Tech Wind Research Center according to the NEW testing standards. View the Report


Middle_TN_Lifetime_WarrantyAt B and H Storm Shelters, we back all of our Tornado Storm Shelters – All Weather Storm Shelters® with a lifetime warranty. Click to learn more: Lifetime Warranty Info.

Storm Shelter, Tornado Shelters, & Safe Room Reviews

We know how important storm shelters are for our customers, so to get positive feedback means a lot to us.  We care about our clients and are able to provide quality safe room installations at great prices.  Our customers receive quality products and friendly customer service.  Look over our reviews and we look forward to getting the chance to make you happy with your purchase!

Price and Service Next to None. – Jasper, TN

In-Ground_Safe_RoomWe researched shelters and decided to go with Lifesaver. Then we researched dealers/Installer and met Brandon. Not only was his price the best but his service and expertise is second to none. He will guide you through the process giving you great advice and will do exactly what he tells you. B and H is the only way to go ! Call Brandon you’ll be glad you did.

Tom and Gayla Thomas

Recent Installations From Murfreesboro, Cookeville, Crossville, & Beyond

Murfreesboro TN Storm Shelters Safe Rooms

We carry a wide range of products to cater to the Murfreesboro, TN area.  These range from in-ground storm shelters to safe rooms that can be installed inside living quarters or garages.  We like to cater to this area of Tennessee as they expect things done right and in excellence.  This is how we like to operate.  Your families safety is important and should be treated as such.  So, whether you have a collection of guns and valuables you are wanting to protect or if you have loved ones and human life you are wanting to protect we are your go to source.  We can install in both finished and unfinished homes.  Just the same we offer special safe rooms and storm shelters that are designed for indoor and others for outdoor instillations.  We want to help you find the product that makes the most since to you.

Call us today and we will help you find the solution that works best for you.


Murfreesboro-Tennessee-Safe Rooms

Murfreesboro-Tornado Under-Ground Safe Rooms Shelters TN-Storm-Shelters
There are many benefits to any type of secure structure that we do for you.  We can work to find and implement the solution that works best for you.  Let our experience and passion go to work for you and deliver outcomes you can tell your friends about if you so choose.  We work to perform our work on time and in a friendly courtesy fashion.  We are not limited to only the Murfreesboro area we also service throughout Tennessee and up into Kentucky.  Let our safe room and in-ground storm shelter experience go to work for you.  If you are inside city limits or in the most rural or remote location we look forward to getting the chance to serve you.

Safe Room in Crossville, TN

4×8 Saferoom in a new construction in Crossville, TN

We enjoy doing both new construction installs and old construction installs.  We enjoy serving the Crossville area as it is just a short drive from our main office.  Safe rooms are important as they can be used for a wide variety of applications.  In fact they are much more likely to be used due to their design.  These are typically square on the inside giving more headroom than the typical in ground storm shelter.  Also, these are typically easier to use and can be occupied for longer amounts of time.  These features also have some hidden benefits that you might not think of right off.  One is that you are much more likely to use something like this than having to leave the comfort of your home and get into an in-ground structure.  The in-ground storm shelters are absolutely awesome, but the saferooms tend to be more convenient.  A safety structure that is used more often has greater benefits.  Then another benefit of a safe room is privacy.  Their is some safety benefit of not having to leave your home and having a more hidden location.  Beyond this in the case of a severe storm it is nice not having to take the chance of going out in the harsh elements and possibly suffering harm.  Another benefit worth mentioning is the threat of the human kind.  In this case you may be able to get locked into the safe room before even being detected.

Safe Room in Murfreesboro, TN

This 4×4 All Weather Safe Room was installed in Murfreesboro, TN for the Tickle family.  We also, do storm shelters, tornado shelters, and gun safes for the Murfreesborro area.  You can pictures of our work through out our site.  We are able to deliver to rural areas and outside the city limits and all across Rutherford Count and surrounding areas.  Take the time to call and find out what solution works best for you with the added safety you are wanting to implement.  We install storm shelters and safe rooms in both new and old construction.  We are able even to install in ground storm shelters to save on indoor space as well as provide extra safety and security.

4×4 All Weather Safe Room installed in Murfreesboro, TN for the Tickle family. Thanks for choosing B&H Storm Shelters!

All Weather Safe Room in Cookeville, TN

4×6 All Weather Safe room installed in Cookeville for the Mcclain family. Thanks for choosing B&H Storm Shelters!


This size of room can be used for many things from a storm shelter to a gun safe.  With this size if need be you would have the ability to help someone else besides yourself.  The larger the room you build the more people and things you can put into a protected area.  Ask about our custom solutions and see just what we can do for you.  We do deliver and build in the Cookeville, TN area as well as the very wide surrounding areas.